Plants are the foundation of our landscape work.

Utilizing the best plants from our local nurseries gives us the quality finish product our clients deserve. We have relationships with our Nursery Suppliers that span decades and they know how demanding we are of quality for our clients.

Hennessey Landscaping is a landscape contractor which has seen landscape plantings mature from installation to maturity. This gives us the experience of twenty five years of knowledge as to how plants perform in our region. Our “learning curve” has been accomplished and we know what to expect from our extensive plant palette. We have a reputation of using mature, hardy plants that make our landscapes look wonderful!!

Each individual annual, perennial, herb, shrub and tree is inspected and hand-picked for health and vigor. The trees are chosen for their branch structure, character, and the integrity of their root systems. Tree trunks must be unmarked and foliage must be healthy.

Watering requirements are made clear to every client after projects are complete. These requirements can be met with the installation and use of automatic drip irrigation systems also Mulching helps the gardens retain moisture and slow down any potential weed growth. We utilize the best mulches available and apply them properly

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