Landscape Lighting

The beauty of a full moon illuminating the landscape below can be yours every night of the year. Low voltage lighting systems can economically, safely and subtly light your home, walkways, and gardens.

Safe 12-volt systems are fully designed and installed to light as much or as little of your home and gardens as you wish. The fixtures are available in many sizes, shapes, and patinas. Some fixtures can be sunk into the ground or put underwater. Others can be mounted high in a tree to produce light without an obvious source. If you currently have outdoor lighting and would like to re-design or expand your system, contact us for a lighting consultation.

Other areas of your home may also be complimented by some of the beautiful fixtures available to you. Our landscape lighting motto is, "See the light, not the source".

Lamps and lampposts constructed of granite, wood, or masonry are also available. Maintenance of all lighting systems is essential and this is also a service we provide.

We are a proud Certified contractor of Nightscaping of Redlands CA.

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