Protecting your landscape investment by providing water is essential. Supplying the proper amount of water can be achieved thru a water audit by our staff.

In-ground, automatic lawn and garden irrigation systems are available. Complete systems with segregated zones to account for different watering requirements around the property are designed, installed, and maintained by professionals at your home or office. These systems are fine-tuned to deliver precisely the amount of water needed in all areas.

We use turf-friendly equipment to minimize compaction while installing systems in already established lawns.

We install automatic pumps for tick control as well as mosquito control of your landscape. Organic controls of ticks and mosquitoes can be accomplished by using your existing irrigation system!

Run-off, puddling and over-watering are wasted resources and cost you money. Poor coverage and under-watering costs you the health of your plants! Avoid these problems by hiring professionals who do it right the first time.

We use Rain Bird as well as Hunter irrigation products.

Call us for an irrigation estimate: (603) 382-7715.

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