Hardscape Design & Installation

Beauty, durability and function are expressed in all of our hardscaping designs and installations. From classical brick to natural stone we can help you find the material that best compliments your home and gardens.

Walls: Made of Native New England Field Stone, Pennsylvania Flat fieldstone or other native stone. Even block retaining walls depending on the budget & aesthetic needs of our clients. Stone walls with curves and sweeping arcs make for beauty of your landscape.

Paver Driveways: Paver driveways made of Permeable pavers to satisfy conservation requirements or Shoreland Permitting. A combination of pavement or permeable pavers can be accomplished as part of your landscape design.

Patios: Created out of bluestone, granite, cobblestone or pavers. Large slabs of Goshen stone with its beautiful surface makes a perfect patio. Permeable pavers can be utilized for conservation requirements to aid in the beauty of your Patio. Pool decks created out of pavers or concrete aggregate enhance your new pool areas also.

Walkways: Walks made of pavers or brick. Using gentle sweeping curves and using granite as steps for transitions.

Steps: Granite steps or bluestone steps to ease transitions on landscapes.

Outdoor Kitchens: Fireplaces, pizza ovens or grills incorporated into a pleasing atmosphere for entertaining and family gatherings.

Shoreland Work: We can renovate existing walls or create new ones on waterways and shorelands thru out New Hampshire by working with our clients, local conservation boards and DES for proper permitting.

These low-maintenance, permanent additions to your landscape are installed on properly excavated and compacted bases to prevent shifting and sinking. If needed permeable pavers are utilized as the project requires.

See our portfolio for more Hennessey Landscape Projects.

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